We’re more than 20 years active in the music industry, have dealt with thousands of licenses, have ten thousands of tracks in our own and distributed catalogue and deal with more than 2000 artists ourselves. As you can guess, we’re very well placed in dealing with royalty statements for your artists.

We built a new royalty program from the ground up to allow for both simple and complex deal configurations, to be set up in the quickest and easiest way. Never double enter data, or pre calculate any figures again, the royalty progam handles it all for you.

We understand the headaches that generating royalty statements can bring so we created the perfect solution. Using our royalty program you can now issue statements to your artists.

Paying advances, handling collaborations with split percentages, managing expenses, … are all also possible. All are accounted effortlessly from the deal information you provide.

No need to import sales, everything is linked to the sales we received, so it’s totally hassle free for you.


– no importing of sales
– hassle free royalty statements creation
– simple & complex deal configurations
– input advances
– collaborations
– split percentages
– managing expenses
– run statements at any frequency (yearly, half yearly, quarterly, monthly)
– send professional looking statements to artists & licensors
– multi source accounting of a single track
– add physical product accounting
– add third party accounting
– no set up fee
– no hidden charges
– no training fees
– simple straight forward pricing system
– professional royalty management at the fraction of the price
– free help & advice via email, telephone or Skype