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We are a motivated team who have set our goals to not only put your music online into the digital domain, but to make sure your music gets into the right channels with the correct market tagging.

Why Tags? 
Tags are what matter on specialised download stores more than ever. With the broad masses and the vast amount of new music coming out digitally every week the correct tag makes the difference to ensure your music reaches your targeted audience.
For us to be able to achieve this we draw on over 20 years experience within the music industry that includes everything from marketing to distribution and beyond. This experience is at your disposal and covers all genres of electronic music as well as classical music.
We operate with the utmost professionalism, we want music from labels that we can connect to, music we know, so that we can sell your music with confidence from the right places.

Our network has been built successfully over a number of years and is expansive. We will get your music online at download and streaming services such as (but not limited to) iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Spotify, Amazon, Naxos and more.
So if you’re looking for maximum coverage then look no further as we will ensure your needs are met efficiently and professionally.

We speak music.


“Bonzai Digital network have played an instrumental part of JOOF recordings rapid growth, especially entering this rapidly expanding digital world. It’s important to keep one step ahead of technology and knowing what your next generation customers are looking for. The Bonzai team have their finger constantly on the pulse guiding, advising and getting hands on ensuring that we are heading in the right direction with our business model. They are a lot more than just a digital network.”

“Since 2007 Bonzai Digital Network has been Piston Recordings digital distributor and we could not be happier with it. As a partner label we get all our paperwork done by them, which means more free time to listen to demos, plus all our artists get their statements in time without us having to worry nothing about it!”

“Big Ups to the guys at Bonzai Digital!! We have been working with Bonzai Digital since we launched our label in 2012 and couldn’t be more satisfied! They understand the needs as a label and are a significant factor in our success. Many thanks for continuing to provide us with a great service and advice.”

John 00 Fleming

CEO – JOOF Recordings

Rogerio Martins

Label Manager – Piston Recordings

Bilas Rajderkar

Founder – Profound Records