With the more than 60 years combined music business experience of our team, we’re at the forefront of making the right deals for your catalogue.

Licensing is a highly specialised business which includes, exclusive licensing, compilation licensing, movie & TV licensing, … all containing specific terms & conditions. Not to speak yet about receiving the correct royalty reporting, getting paid and being able to convert the received data in proper royalty statements to your artists.

Having done thousands and thousands of licenses we can proudly say that you’re at the best place to have you covered when it comes down to licensing your catalogue to third parties both in the physical and digital world.


– licensing your catalogue
– invoicing advances and statements
– chasing royalty statements
– cross checking received royalty reports
– dealing with license partners worldwide
– half yearly accounting as per the industry standards

In other words, we got you covered if you don’t know how to deal with this specialised matter.