There are more and more ways to play music either by streaming or purchasing to own in various formats. Many more people can now be reached who perhaps prior to the digital format could not buy your music (perhaps due to no record shop nearby, record shops not ordering what was wanted by someone, etc), or access it unless played on the radio. Online marketing can promote releases far and wide into territories, which labels could never afford to spend money breaking into before.

Music can be sold directly to fans without having to deal with traditional retailers, deductions and additional costs of such methods. Besides that, back catalogue that was out of stock can be re-sold with no extra re-pressing, re-packaging and mailing costs to the label.

It is hard to keep up with all the numbers of online outlets across the world. We keep track of all the stores and streams who are selling music, checking them out to ensure they are a suitable store for your music to be sold through and then making sure we get the right deal for you via our in house legal team. We are constantly exploring new avenues for income to be generated via digital rights and are on top of all new developments within the download world. We keep you up to date with all new possibilities and we account for all the downloads your music creates worldwide, issuing quarterly & monthly statements with your income, while offering you weekly and quarterly statistical sales information.

We digitise and prepare your catalogue into all the relevant formats required by each individual store using our own in-house team and custom built technology. That means we do not outsource the preparation of your catalogue like many other aggregators. This enables us to keep your costs down with no hidden charges. You can directly enter your release into your label’s own private secure BDN Label Management System (LMS). Once submitted we automatically convert your release into the many different formats each outlet requires. The process is faster and less prone to (human) errors, giving you complete control of your releases directly to the stores / outlets.

Once a release is ready it needs to be promoted to make sure people are aware of your labels forthcoming release.

We have been active in music promotion for over 20 years. We offer promotional tips on how to help your releases get noticed, and in turn sell better on the stores / outlets.

A growing source of promotion is You Tube, which can also be an additional source of revenue for your label. BDN is a partner of You Tube and this enables us to monetise any of your videos and any video using your music not uploaded by you on You Tube. At the same time we can also have content removed or blocked. We also work with other video services such as iTunes Video, MUZU, XBox, Playstation, Zune, Virgin, Vodaphone, …

In this difficult climate with many illegal sites offering your music for free without any consent it is even more important now for labels to offer their catalogue on all legal digital platforms. BDN offers you free legal advise and DMCA Takedown notice template free. We are constantly monitoring updates within copyright law and will keep you up to date with developments.

This industry is growing so rapidly that you would need to employ someone keep track of all the digital developments across the globe. Why spend that money or your own valuable time to do this when we are already set up and ready to do this all for you, leaving you time to focus on your labels releases and getting the best music out on your label.

Distribution features:

– a dedicated team with combined more than 60 years experience in the music business can assist you
– more than 10 years experience with digital distribution
– no set up fees
– monthly statements
– daily/weekly/monthly sale stats (Beatport, iTunes, Juno – daily) (eMusic – weekly), more added as soon as portals give us the tools to retrieve this data
– free help & advice
– exclusive releases
– make your label available on all stores
– fast customer service via email, telephone or Skype
– state of the art label management system
– in house compilation program to increase your income
– free deliveries
– free take downs
– free updates
– in depth & transparent royalty accounting
– we deal with any genre of music
– label account manager taking care of you
– expertise & proven track record in the music business
– excellent relationships with the biggest stores to help you get featured
– no hidden costs
– extended genre list
– weekly newsletter to all stores highlighting new releases & labels


– online promotion though our collaboration with Promo-Cloud (refer to the promotion page)
– licensing of your catalogue to third parties (refer to the licensing page)
– create artist royalty statements & more (refer to statements page)